Is there a need for a Real Estate Buyer Agent?

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Do you need a surgeon to remove a bad growth? or would you do it yourself.  NAR statistics show that since most homebuyers are able to visualize much of properties listed before actually seeing them in the person, there is a high percentage that do not get their own representation.  Of note, the seller hires a real estate agent to market and sell their property. By contract they are suppose to be representing the seller fully, including getting the most money for the property. Do you think using the same agent to submit your offer to the seller will be beneficial to you?

Is your time valuable and worth something?  By using a buyer agent representative, it frees up some of your time that you could be doing other important things…

Some areas a buyer agent could be beneficial in are

1 Research properties, tax records, utilities

2 Provide timely and Accurate disclosures (not all information on the MLS is accurate, or other websites either)

3 Coordinate between seller..home inspector…lenders…title company.

Just a few of the 50 + areas a buyer agent assists.

Thinking of buying in NH. Contact me..


Mortgage Debt Relief Act Expiration

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On 12/31 the Mortgage Debt Relief Act will disappear unless our politicians can figure out how to do something. What this means is that if someone sells a home for less than what is owed, the difference will be then counted as income and subject to the income tax codes.  So someone that is already in trouble financially, will have increased tax burden. There is less than 3 months left to this year and we have election time and holidays occupying our elected officials time, so there is very little time left for them to work.

If someone you know is in need to sell their home and get out from under a heavy financial burden, there may still be time to pull of a short sale in 2012, but the time to act is now! There are proven strategies to move a property and with the use of a short sale mitigator the chance of success are improved.  Call now to discuss this option

Real Estate Opportunity Awaits You in Northwood NH

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Investors take note.

Northwood is ripe for the individual that wants to find a gem, polish it, perhaps use it or have a business, and then….    Opportunities abound as to the number of properties for sale along the Route 4 corridor between the Seacoast and Concord. Take this property which now houses Annika’s Attic, a delightful antique business and personal home. You should have seen the run down mess prior to this project. But within weeks of purchase the owners, Laurie and Jim Wright (what dedicated workers!), had it refurbished and up and running.They wasted no time. It is now a beautiful jewel inviting people to stop in and browse.

Isn’t it time to consider a purchase in Northwood for your investment portfolio, or business needs. Call me. (603) 988-3874. We can make it happen for you and Northwood.

How to Sell Your Home in 30 Days

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The decision has been made to sell your home, but the “word on the street” isn’t good.  This is not a gimmick. As a REALTOR, I can personally attest that it is possible to put your home on the market and sell it in 30 days. I did it. I listed my home, had a showing within 24 hours followed by an offer, negotiation, and an accepted offer.  Boom-ba-da-bing$$ 30 Days later I was signing papers and moving out.

My secret….being realistic as to the market value of my home.  You the seller needs to decide that going forward with your plans will ultimately work out for the best all around. I am not suggesting giving away your home, but the market will move it if it is priced right.  Call me today to discuss how to sell your home in 30 days.

Debt Forgiveness Going Away End of Year

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If our elected officials do not do anything about the expiring Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007, then as of Jan 1, 2013 any debt discharge by lenders will now create a taxable income for underwater homeowners.

Homeowners facing the need to sell their home via a short sale process or foreclosure should push to have this transaction completed by the end of 2012 to avoid any further tax burden.  It is still possible to do a short sale, if you have a specialist you are working with. Not all agents are educated in this process.  Ask the agent you are considering if they use a short sale mitigator, if not, feel free to contact this writer for recommendations.

One last thing, speak with your elected officials to see where their hold up is in dealing with the multitude of expiring tax laws.

Stacation in Northwood NH lakes area

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With the economy as it is, vacations just may not be happening for many of us.  I was surprized when I did some searching at the number of waterfront parcels for under $150,000 in the Northwood NH area. Northwood boasts having 7 bodies of water in its boundries.  Why not consider a purchase of a parcel and vacation right on your own property…summer get-away.  Interest rates wicked low. Today being advertised at 3.65 for a 30 year….  Enjoy the lakes, then when you are ready resell.  At these prices, you can’t help but go up with the waterfronts. As a agent in the area, I love the various recreational activities that can be done. Happy to be of service in locating any properties.

Spring Market Booming and Moving UP

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Trulia is reporting a 1.9% increase in home prices nationally in the month of April over the last quarter. This is the 3rd month of increasing home prices nationally.  While real estate is all local, it is important to see the national trends as they will be “coming to a market near you.”  Now is the time to make that purchase. The Southeastern section of NH has some areas that are also reporting increasing home prices, but still have some of the more rural areas flat.  Call me, Suzie Mills, (603) 988-3874, to learn how your home will price out in this market.


What to do….before that 2012 home purchase

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Christmas is over and the New Year is about to begin in less than 4 days. What a great time to start that plan or goal for a new home.  There are a few steps that you could be doing right now to make a smooth process.

1) Check your credit.  There is no bad surprise worse than a bad credit surprise especially after the holiday spending.

2) Look at your cash cushion.  Determine how much money you have or want to have for that down payment and closing cost expense.

3) Shed some stuff.  Any extra stuff you have lying around your place that you now have duplicates of (since the gift giving).  Sell/donate or just plain get rid of it.  After all you will be moving. The extra cash will come in handy and there will be less to move.

4) Refrain from any further large purchases until you get that home you are searching for.

5) Contact a lender to determine what you qualify for.  In this vein, if you need help finding a quality lender, do not hesitate to contact me.

Beautiful New Durham

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Nestled just east of the great Lake Winnie, this small town of approximately 3000 residents enjoy a way of life that borders on idyllic. It is the type of community where if there is a need, the neighbors pitch in to help out.
New Durham is blessed to have several bodies of waters in its boundaries. Merrymeeting Lake known for its pure waters supports a fish hatchery it is so clean. Multiple mountains can be viewed from various strategic points: Mount Washington, Mt Chocora, Mount Jesse, and Rattlesnake to name a few. Much of the land is raw and allows for the opportunities to enjoy multiple outdoors recreational activities as snowmobiling, snowshoeing, mountain biking. This allows for a greater focus on nature and better living.
Life in a small town encourages family values. Just the fact of having the ability to play for free in nature promotes a strengthening. Recreation time is not just going to the mall, it encourages play which is healthy.
Downtown New Durham hosts a small country store, municipal buildings,library and the elementary school.
There are properties for sale if you should wish to experience life in this town.

Fairy Tale or Reality

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Where would you find Friar Tuck, Little John, and Robin Hood? In the town of Nottingham, New Hampshire that is. These are just a few of the street names to paralell the fabled community of days of “yore”. Present day/NH Nottingham still offers the idyllic life for those who want to live in peace and yet be close to what is happening. Only 30 minutes or less to anywhere…Portsmouth…Dover…Concord…Manchester.. you can still have an active social life all the while returning back to tranquility to rebalance from the hectic day. Plenty of properties for sale in Nottingham in all price ranges and styles:country farms to lakeside homes. Call (603) 988-3874 if you are interested in investigating this town.